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The Phone Xpress system is used to collect information about phone calls made via a PBX (SMDR/CDR/SMDA messages), controlling, analyzing and pricing them in a quick and efficient way. Virtually each organization uses a private automatic branch exchange or PBX and has to solve the problem of minimizing expenses on communication. In large companies, such communicational expenses may amount to rather considerable sums and the use of this program will cut these expenses by 10-20%. The Phone Xpress system can be used to analyze how lines are loaded, control the calls of your personnel not related to their work, trace international and long-distance calls. This system can simultaneously work with several PBXs situated quite far from each other and all the information received from them will be stored in one database and, therefore, reports will be interrelated and valid for the entire enterprise. This feature can be interesting for large organizations with a lot of branches and affiliates. Practically all modern PBXs provide information about calls in the form of text messages via a serial port (it can be mentioned as a SMDR, SMDA or CDR port in PXB descriptions) or an Ethernet port. Such a message contains the following information about each call:

  • external phone number;
  • local phone number;
  • dialed number;
  • the data and time when the call was started call duration;
  • etc.

The Phone Xpress system is a powerful and flexible tool for collecting, systematizing and analyzing this data.What benefits your enterprise gets from using the Phone Xpress system:

  • registering all calls made via your PBX;
  • storing information for any period of time;
  • optimizing the use of local and external lines;
  • distributing expenses on telephone communication between the divisions of your enterprise;
  • tracing suspicious calls;
  • verifying bills from telephone companies;
  • generating various statistical reports and diagrams;
  • accessing this information from any workstation.