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Connecting PBX to computer

Q1. How do I connect a PBX to a computer?

A1. In most cases, to connect a PBX to a computer and begin transferring data to it, you will need a cable that connects the serial port of your PBX and one of the computer. The PBX-to-computer wiring schemes can be found in the corresponding section on our website at


Q2. What should I do if the website doesn’t have a wiring scheme for my PBX?

A2. Try finding it in your PBX documentation. If it doesn’t have the scheme or, you do not have documentation, try making up the cable as for the PBX similar to yours or contact your PBX vendor. Finally, if nothing else works out, open the “RS232 Schemes” page and try making up the required cable by following the schemes and principles that are provided there.


Q3. What should I do if the PBX and the computer are far from each other?

A3. There is a number of solutions to this issue:

  • Make a longer cable.
  • If an SCS (structured cabling system) is available, use it as cable (we have hands-on experience in transmitting data to the distance of 25m, but theoretically data be transmitted for as far as 100 meters or more).
  • For greater distances, you may want to use a pair of modems.
  • Use a pair of media converters for transmitting data over LAN or WAN or, use a converter and special software for creating a virtual COM port.