Phone Xpress – Call Accounting Software

Call Accounting Software


Q1. What do the exclamation mark or clock icons in the report rows are for?

A1. The “Exclamation mark” icon indicates that the call has not been tariffed due to a certain reason. Double-click on that line and see the reason in the window that appears.


The “Clock” icon indicates that the call has not been tariffed. One of the reasons for that could be that the call had been transferred to other user, so the tariffing cannot be completed at the moment.


Q2. Why sometimes the call charge in the “Charge” column does not match the data of the “Details” window (opens on double-clicking on the entry)?

A2. This is due to the fact that the call was transferred, and, therefore, it consists of two or more parts. For the phone service provider, the entire chain of transfer appears as a single phone call, so, the amount charged is the total for the entire call. Our system tariffs such chain of calls as a single call; then the total charge is split among the parties, proportionally to the duration of the call made by each party. In other words, the “Charge” column shows the amount for a specific “interval”, while the “Details” shows the total charge.


Q3. How do I recalculate call charges for a certain period? (for instance, when the operator changed the rates)

A3. Open Phone Xpress Administrator, click on the “Administrator” menu and then select “Recalculate Call Charges”. In the window that appears, select the recalculation period and then click on the “Start” button.


Please keep in mind that if your computer, running Phone Xpress Server is rather slow and/or the number of calls in the selected period is large, the recalculation routine can take some time.


Once the recalculation is started, you can close the status window or the entire Administrator application. The recalculation will be carried out on the server, in the background. The current state can be viewed at any time, by running the Administrator and selecting the “Administrator” -> “Recalculate Call Charges” item on the menu.